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Grow your business by up to 30%*

Funding your forecourt

A stock funding plan could be just what you need

We combine access to flexible dealer funding, exclusive performance insight and dedicated Account Manager support to help you grow your margins and improve your profits.

Grow your business by up to



Dealers like you are already benefitting from our stock funding plans

Stocking funding plan

Why do you need a stock funding plan from Close Brothers Motor Finance?

  • Achieve your stocking plan objectives and reach your business goals
  • Purchase the stock required to meet the needs of your customers
  • Free up capital to invest elsewhere in your dealership
  • Attractive rates which might be cheaper than alternatives
  • Point of sale consumer finance training, plus free point of sale marketing materials for your showroom and forecourt
  • Your dedicated Account Manager will use exclusive insights to advise you on how best to get the most from your stock funding plan

Our priority is to ensure you have the right stock, helping you reduce your ‘days-to-turn’ and therefore maximise your profits.

And we want to work with dealerships like you - that’s why our Account Managers are heavily involved in the application process.

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Key features of our stock funding plans

Flexible products

  • Flexible terms based on your needs and preferences (funding secured on the asset, the assets you stock, repayment terms and audit oversight)
  • Bespoke package options (fees, rates of interests and stocking periods)
  • Tailor your borrowing based on your business needs throughout the year

Performance driven insight

  • Exclusive insight into your business performance and stock turnover
  • Boost sales and profits by turning over more vehicles, more regularly (you can fund the right vehicles at a competitive price)
  • Insight into potential stocking opportunities from wider market trends
  • Monthly facility/retail performance reporting with suggestions for improving sales rates and in turn, margin and profit (you'll receive support on how to reduce days on forecourt to increase profit per vehicle)
  • Quarterly market insight reporting

Enhanced support

  • Access to a dedicated Account Manager who’ll provide both face to face and telephony support
  • Additional support from a head-office contact, plus a partner support team - both of whom take the time to fully understand your dealership and your business needs
  • Clear and consistent underwriting process and prioritisation for all applications

With APAK, you can log on and take a car off or replace it with something else that you need - this flexibility works well for us because we're a small business expanding, and we need to expand with a system that's user friendly - this is the best system I've used so far."Khaled Zureiqi, Key Auto Trade

Dealers like you are already benefitting from our stock funding plans

Birmingham Van Centre

Birmingham Van Centre have worked with Close Brothers Motor Finance to grow their business through a retail and business funding partnership.

Key Auto Trade

Funding with Close Brothers Motor Finance has allowed Key Auto Trade to put more vehicles on the forecourt to grow their business.

Increase your commission by up to 35% with our great product range**

All of our funding products offer loans from £20k upwards. There is no upper limit.

  • Loan secured against funded vehicle stock
  • Set up on the APAK system
  • Drawdown up to 80% of the invoice value of the vehicle
  • Reclaim for up to 150 days with interest accrued on the loan balance at an agreed fixed rate. The value of part exchange vehicles can also be reclaimed
  • Full control over the facility
  • Monitor the cost of individual units
  • Monthly vehicle forecourt audit


  1. Dealer has control of the facility and can add/remove vehicles when they want
  2. Can monitor and control the cost of funding individual units
  3. A dealer can stock the forecourt at a competitive rate
  • Secured or unsecured
  • Capital plus a fixed interest rate repayable by standing order
  • Typically arranged over a 36-month period
  • Flexible stocking option
  • Lower administration overhead


  1. A dealer can stock the forecourt at a competitive rate
  2. Flexible way to stock outside system defined parameters
  3. Lower admin overhead as don’t have to remember to add/remove vehicles and no monthly audit
  • Unsecured (loan with no restriction on the use of funds)
  • An interest free capital loan, repayable by standing order
  • Fixed repayments - can be taken up to a maximum term of 12 months
  • Use this to upgrade your office, improve your showroom or make changes to your forecourt


  1. A shorter-term loan that can be used at the dealers discretions
  2. Fixed repayments and end point
  3. Flexible way to stock outside system defined parameters
  4. Lower admin overhead as don't have to remember to add/remove vehicles and no monthly audit

Getting you up to speed quickly

Your new funding option could be set up within five working days. Apply today and your dedicated Account Manager will take you through the process, making it as seamless as possible.


Your Account Manager will discuss our funding product range with you, and suggest a bespoke funding package suited to your needs.


Information gathering, including:

Credit searches
Bank statements
Personal assets and liability statements
Latest signed accounts.


Your Account Manager will work with our Credit team to review your application for funds, ensuring the underwriting team have a good knowledge of your business to make an informed decision.


Paperwork signed and returned.


Upon approval, the funds are released into your business. You can now start to source the stock you desire for your forecourt and are on your way to achieving your business goals.


Our partnership commences! Remember, your Account Manager is on hand for advice and support as to how to make the most out of your funding facility.

*Source: Close Brothers Motor Finance (CBMF) data. In the first 12 months of taking funding, our dealers proposed 30% more vehicles for retail finance through CBMF.
**Source: CBMF data. We paid out 35% more commission from customer retail finance in the first 12 months of taking funding

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