Important update

Dedicated face-to-face support

Your account manager will work hard to understand your business and provide training and support to help you sell more vehicles on finance.

Access to office-based support teams and partner hubs

Turn to our support teams whenever you need day-to-day help or advice. We also have five partner hubs across the UK where sales teams work closely with you to optimise your performance.

You'll have a dedicated account manager

An account manager who'll visit regularly to give guidance and support on any opportunities and challenges. So whether you're looking for advice on the best stock to purchase or how you can submit your FCA returns, they're on hand to help.

Real people, not computers

Our underwriters take the time to get to know you and your business, and work with you to get your customers into their chosen vehicle. We're dedicated to building long-lasting relationships with our dealers.

Personalised approach

An individual and personalised approach to your business, alongside one-to-one training and additional products such as stock funding to help your dealership grow.

Our promise

We're here to support you and we're committed to helping your dealership succeed.

Hands-on expertise

Working closely with you to maximise your potential.

Help your business grow

Your account manager can offer additional funding products, that could help you grow your business or develop your forecourt.

Make finance easy

Our referral service and electronic signing technology makes vehicle finance hassle-free for you and your customers.

Go the extra mile

We don't just use computers to make decisions. Our 'can do' underwriters leave no stone unturned when reviewing your customers’ circumstances.

Give you peace of mind

We're 'can-do' people and genuinely passionate about getting to know you on a first name basis.

Supporting compliance

We know becoming FCA compliant can sometimes be a complex and daunting task, which is why we’re here to help you on this journey, including:

  • FCA applications
  • RegData returns
  • Conduct and compliance
  • Future regulatory changes

Stock funding

Our stock funding can be up and running in days, helping you to maximise sales and grow your business. Our priority is to ensure you have the right stock, helping you reduce your ‘days to turn’ and increase your profits.

Achieve your stocking plan objectives and reach your business goals
Purchase the stock required to meet the needs of your customers
Free up capital to invest elsewhere in your dealership
Your dedicated Account Manager will use exclusive insights to advise you on how to get the most from your stock funding plan

Finance solutions

We offer competitive, flexible finance products for your customers, including Conditional Sale, Hire Purchase and Personal Contract Purchase.

Conditional Sale (CS)

If customers want to own the vehicle in the long run.

Hire Purchase (HP)

If customers want the option to hand the vehicle back.

Personal Contract Purchase (PCP)

If customers want the option to change or upgrade their vehicle.

Our partners say ...

We couldn’t have done it without Close Brothers Motor Finance – we used it (Funding) to build our stock, and we’re now looking to enhance our own site and possibly open up a second site. We also won an award for the Fastest growing Dealership in the UK– we couldn’t have done this without Close Brothers Motor Finance Funding.
Colin McNabb, Director Car Brothers NI
I've used them for 15 years, the account manager is really good the online system is easy to use and the pay outs are quick.
Dealer Partner
I've used them for over 20 years, the service is very good everything they do is fine.
Dealer Partner
You get a personal service from close brothers and not through a computer, they're my first port of call.
Dealer Partner
The service we get from close brothers/ if we come across any hiccups our rep is on hand to help us, anything at all the rep is always available and everything is transparent with close brothers.
Dealer Partner
The main thing is the ease now, since customers are able to sign from home we tend to find life simpler and easier compared to the competitors.
Dealer Partner

Market knowledge

Our account managers are a constant source of information and market insights for dealers. In addition, our news and insights provides must-have knowledge into driver buying habits and the factors affecting market conditions. Thousands of dealers and drivers take part in this research, making it a reliable and trusted source of information.

Auto Trader Forecourt Insight

Our powerful data tool will change the way you run your forecourt and revolutionise how you manage stock. In partnership with Auto Trader, this unique innovation for the motor industry brings your data to life, helping you make informed decisions and maximise profitability, whilst enabling you to adapt to market conditions.


  • Use data to sell faster and at the right price point
  • Sell quickly and be more profitable with accurate pricing
  • Eliminate under and over pricing to improve days to turn
  • Achieve your dealership goals

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