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Powerful insights for our partners

Unlock the data you need to support your decision-making and grow your business.

We want to help your business thrive with our unique insights. With powerful data and the guidance of your account manager, you’ll have a better understanding of your market, so you can sell more vehicles, to more customers, more often.

Market Data

Our Market View dashboards combine our data, and data from the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT).

Business Data

See how your proposals are working for your business, how your business compares to regional and national averages, and how to improve your performance.

Funded Data

Our funded partners have access to figures about their funding level and how those figures support their finance, sales, and volume targets. 

Forecourt Data

Our funded dealers have access to Forecourt Insight. This award-winning dashboard combines Auto Trader data with our data, to help you manage your forecourt effectively.

Market view

  • Discover the details of how people shop

  • Learn more about who your customers are

  • Pinpoint which vehicles are popular for financing


See what customers like and dislike and how things are changing locally, in your region, and across the UK. And when you have that insight, you can prepare your business for the future. 

Identify the types of proposals that are likely to convert

Exploring efficiency and performance data

  • Spend your time on the proposals that are likely to convert – and drive your sales

  • Understand the efficiency of your proposals in terms of conversions

  • View your commission earnings and learn from missed opportunities

  • Understand the makeup of your finance sales

And with all this information to hand, you can focus your time and work smarter. 

Use market leading data to drive profitability

Introducing Forecourt Insight

Our funded dealers have access to our multi-award winning Forecourt Insight dashboard, which combines our data with data from Auto Trader, so you can price each vehicle effectively and competitively.

Forecourt Insight dashboards are available to our funded partners with an Auto Trader account. 

In addition to our online dashboards, we share weekly Forecourt Insight Lite reports, giving you a tailored snapshot of how your forecourt is performing.

Here's what Forecourt Insight has delivered for our partners:

Increased Retail Rating

Dealers are stocking more desirable vehicles for their marketplace.

Increased Sales

Dealers are selling more vehicles, to more customers, more often.

Reduced ‘days to sell’

Dealers are retaining more profit in their vehicles by selling faster, so they can invest in fresh stock.

Download the Insights Brochure

Check our Insights brochure to discover your gateway to data driven decision-making. Boost your performance with the right option for your business - we have insight dashboards for every dealer partnership. 

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