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Pioneering Motor Finance Data Tool

Ground-breaking forecourt data to support your objectives and decision making 

Britain Under the Bonnet

Our powerful new data tool will change the way you run your forecourt and revolutionise how you manage stock. In partnership with Auto Trader, this unique innovation for the motor industry brings your data to life, helping you make informed decisions and maximise profitability, whilst enabling you to adapt to market conditions.

  • Use data to sell faster and at the right price point
  • Easily identify the most desirable stock to suit your customer base
  • Sell quickly and be accurate with pricing
  • Eliminate under-pricing and over-pricing to improve days to sell
  • Achieve your business goals


Truly understand customer demand 

Use this market-leading intelligence tool to price your stock based on regional trends, stock inefficiencies and consumer behaviour. Powered by Auto Trader and delivered by Close Brothers Motor Finance, your Account Manager will analyse industry-wide statistics to help you manage your forecourt more successfully.

Your bespoke dashboard

This unique data tool is accessible through your Account Manager, who will create your bespoke dashboard, simplify the data, and help you understand how it works. They'll do this every month. If you don't have access to an Auto Trader account, you can still benefit from an enhanced dealer funding dashboard through our partner, APAK.

  • Vehicle description: Details the make, model and derivative of the vehicle along with VRM and mileage
  • Local retail rating: Detailing the vehicle's desirability within the local area (50 mile radius) 
  • Performance rating: Details the current performance indicator rating based on observations over the last 7 days
  • Search views: Details the vehicle's total number of search views observed since inception
  • Retail price: Details the vehicle's current advertised price along with price position to the market
  • Days in stock: Detailing the total number of days the vehicle has been in stock as well as "cost to stock"



Consumer behaviour


A partnership like no other

Auto Trader, APAK and Close Brothers Motor Finance data is combined to bring you information and insights for the future success of your forecourt. This is underpinned by our skilled and knowledgeable Account Managers, who use their knowledge and expertise to recommend the best actions to take.



A dedicated tool for forecourt success

We fund your forecourt and help you manage your stock more efficiently to improve your days to sell and improve stock turnover.

We are the only finance provider to offer this scale of data and intelligence for our dealer partners. Unlock your dealership’s full potential with this market-defining deep knowledge that will ultimately grow your business.

The highest quality information to support your business

Don't miss this opportunity. Speak to your Account Manager to get started

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Over 65 million monthly visits to the Auto Trader marketplace

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Recording significant changes to price, supply and demand daily

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Over 400,000 vehicles listed

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Information from 13,500 retail partnerships

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Daily analysis of around 900,000 vehicles across the market

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In-depth, award winning knowledge of our dealer partners

Knowledge is power. More power to you.

Working with you to understand how data will benefit your business


Funded dealers automatically get access to this innovative new data tool. Speak to your Account Manager and they will work with you to get it up and running.

Speak to your Account Manager. As a non-funded dealer there are ways to benefit from finance dashboards, specific to your finance sales and tailored to your customers.

It's completely free for funded dealers.

You can still benefit from an enhanced dealer funding dashboard using data from our partners APAK, helping you to better manage your stocking facility.

No training is required. Your Account Manager will facilitate the analysis and compile the key points to create your bespoke dashboard.

The tool gives you deep knowledge into regional trends, stock inefficiencies and consumer behaviour.

The data gets updated every week.

You don’t need to be. Your Account Manager does the work for you. We’ll simplify the process, working alongside you to turn data into knowledge that’s relevant to your business goals.


Your competitors can only access the same type of information that’s relevant to their forecourt if they are Close Brothers Motor Finance funded dealer.

The bespoke and easy to understand dashboards simplify the vast amount of data available, and translate this into actions to help you meet your businesses goals. We’ll help you work smarter, by using data to complement your decision making, increase sales, maximise profits, and improve your return on investment.

The knowledge of our people, layered with rich market-leading intelligence from Auto Trader, Close Brothers Motor Finance and APAK, will unlock greater potential for your business. Decision-making based on this deep data will enhance your profits whilst reducing inefficiencies.

Contact your Account Manager if you no longer require access to this service.

Your Account Manager will assist with any queries and manage the dashboard for you. All you need to do is work with your Account Manager and they’ll uncover the information you need.

Everything is hosted by Close Brothers Motor Finance and therefore you are not responsible for any GDPR/compliance regulation relating to this data.

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