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Lead the charge with alternative fuel vehicles

Why the alternative fuel vehicles (AFV) market is set to grow and how to be prepared. Get ready for the growing interest in AFVs with our new eBook.

The motor industry is changing

Attitudes towards alternative fuel vehicles (AFVs) are shifting with real evidence that consumers’ interest in AFVs is on the rise. To help you navigate the changing market, we've launched a brand new eBook which provides some useful information about the AFV market and some practical tips about how to get your dealership ready.


The eBook covers:

  • The AFV market
  • Customer myth-busting
  • 5 tips to get your dealership ready


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The current AFV market

There are clear signs that the AFV market is reaching a tipping point with AFVs set to become the norm. In fact, according to the SMMTAFVs now account for 9.1% of the market, up from 6.4% last year. 

  • 12m drivers are considering an AFV as their next purchase
  • 20% of dealers have seen an uplift in the number of customers who expressed an interest in AFVs
  • Plug-in registrations increased by 76.6% last year according to the SMMT.


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How to demystify AFVs

It’s common for a new product entering a marketplace to be faced with a raft of queries or myths, many surrounding price and usability. It is expected that these barriers will dramatically reduce within the next few years, driving increased market share for AFVs. 


To support you on the forecourt, our eBook looks at some common myths around AFVs including driving distances, costs and limited charging points. For more information, download a copy of the eBook. 

How to get ready for AFVs

With the increase in consumer interest, it's now more important than ever to make sure your dealership is on the front foot. Our eBook considers 5 key things you can do to get your dealership prepared for the rise in AFVs.

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