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Fast and flexible credit line solutions

Fast and flexible credit line solutions

With a credit line facility, we can quickly and easily help your business customers purchase a number of vehicles over a period of 12 months.

Our finance solutions have been helping your customers drive happily for over 30 years

Credit lines are a speedy and efficient way to ensure your customers spend more time running their business and less time applying for credit to purchase the vehicles they need. In addition, credit lines can cut the administrative burden significantly and prevents them having to go through the whole application process for each vehicle.

Credit line solutions:

Product type

Product type: hire purchase (HP) and conditional sale (CS)


Duration: 12 months

Credit line limits

Credit Line limits: No min or max

Option to renew

Option to renew after 12 months

Key benefits of our credit line solutions

Customer benefits:

Our credit line facility has a number of customer benefits including:

  • Approval upfront required once only (credit worthiness is assessed once in the initial application. Additional vehicles can then be funded quickly)
  • Easy process
  • Enables better budgeting and planning
  • Flexible across products and vehicle types

Dealer benefits:

There are plus points for you as a dealer:

  • You can drive repeat business from customers who are looking to purchase several vehicles over a period of 12 months
  • The customer is approved up front for several purchases (can purchase multiple vehicles up to the value of the credit line)
  • Business customers can tie their finance package in with their wider procurement programme
  • With pre-approved credit amounts, the finance process is easier and quicker, giving more flexibility across products and vehicle types

How do credit lines work?

Step one

Number of vehicles, values and terms established

Step two

Supporting financial information provided

Step three

Sales Manager and Operations Manager approval

Step four

Application submitted and reviewed

Step five

Formal approval – credit released