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Information and advice when buying a vehicle

If you're considering taking out vehicle finance, we have a range of useful tools, information and advice to help you get on the road.

Considering finance

FLA’s vehicle finance guide

The Finance and Leasing Association's (FLA's) guide to financing your vehicle.



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FLA lending code

This code sets out standards of good practice for the finance industry and gives customers more rights than those provided by law.

View the FLA lending code

My credit score

Check your Experian credit report online with Credit Expert.



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Choosing your vehicle

Search for a vehicle

Visit Auto Trader for new and used cars, bikes and vans online.

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Get expert vehicle reviews

Visit the What Car? website for over 1550 reviews.

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Calculate vehicle tax costs

Use this online tool to find the tax rate for all vehicle types.

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Fuel consumption comparison

Find out the fuel consumption, CO2 and other emissions, by make and model.

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View safety performance

Visit Euro NCAP to find out the safety performance of your future car.

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Financial difficulties

We understand that from time to time some of our customers may face financial difficulties which could affect their ability to re-pay their agreement. If you find yourself in this position, please contact us as soon as possible. Our professional staff are on hand to help and we’ll work with you to arrive at a solution.

Excess mileage

Some of our agreements include terms about how far you can drive each year, and charges if you drive further than we agreed. Read more about what this means for your vehicle finance agreement here.

Understanding formal documents

If you’ve been sent a legal notice, you may see technical terms that are unfamiliar to you. Our glossary describes some of the terms we commonly use in our legal notices, to help you understand your situation.

Fair wear and tear standards

One of the options available to you at the end of your personal contract purchase (PCP) agreement is to return the vehicle or motorcycle to us. If you decide to do this, we’ll ask a third party inspect and collect company to inspect it on our behalf. For more information on what the inspect and collect company looks for in each area and what is defined as fair wear and tear, click below to download the relevant guides.

Treating customers fairly

As a responsible lender we're committed to applying the FCA’s principle of Treating Customers Fairly in all areas of our business activities. We're also a member of the Finance and Leasing Association (FLA) and follow the FLA Lending Code. This code sets out standards of good practice for the finance industry and provides our customers with reassurance that they're dealing with a reputable organization.