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How do I apply for vehicle finance?

To apply for finance, you’ll need to find the vehicle you wish to buy and then apply for finance with one of our partners (typically a dealership or a broker).


You can apply in person at the dealership or brokerage, alongside one of our dealer/broker partners, or you can apply remotely, on the go or from the comfort of your own home.


If the dealer/broker supports applying for finance remotely, you can do this in four simple steps: 


  1. Submit your details on their online application
  2. We’ll speak with you about your needs, the vehicle and finance options, and then we’ll send you quotes via a secure email.
  3. Access the quotes and amend the proposed terms, including the duration, deposit and mileage using a calculator tool.
  4. Once you’ve amended a quote to suit you and you have a final proposal ready, simply press ‘Apply’ to proceed with your application.

We do not offer finance directly to customers.

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