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How you can maximise your digital footprint

It’s a challenging and unprecedented time for not only dealerships, but for the motor industry. Buyers are having to stay home and showrooms are closed, so now more than ever dealers need to embrace technology in order to offer their customers the usual high levels of service. And despite the current climate, there is still a need for vehicles, and customers may need more support and guidance than ever before. Here are our top tips on how dealers can bolster their digital offering.

Bring your forecourt to customers’ homes

Despite recent events, people are still searching online for vehicles, particularly second hand ones. While they value the insight and expertise from dealers on the forecourt, they also spend more time at home looking at new vehicles. That’s been the case for some time, but in the current environment that trend is of course accelerated. This could actually be a positive for dealers, who can use their online footprint – whether through a website or social media channels – to reach a huge amount of people that wouldn’t have otherwise visited a dealership. 

Highlight dealer insight digitally 

What starts as research into price and model will often spiral into a detailed look at finance options, extras, mileage, and supply alternatives. Consumers are also increasingly aware of the value they can get for their money, rather than just being concerned about price alone. Although there are many sources for this level of detail, they still rely on the advice of dealers to decipher it all – just virtually. Dealers need to highlight the knowledge they have on the website and social channels now more than ever. Tips, comments, guides and advice is a great way to engage with current and future customers.

Tune into social

More and more people are turning to social media to engage with businesses – of all sizes. Having a social presence can help to get more eyes on your forecourt. But, if you’re using it, you need to have a consistent presence. If possible, have just one person that updates your social media to ensure consistency. Another benefit to social media is that you can advertise to specific geographical areas and target audiences with certain stock, allowing you to reach a wider audience. 

Embrace reviews

Reviews are important – the good and even the bad. It’s the first step to giving your customers the chance to share feedback, and to build their trust in your brand. Feedback can be shared directly with you via a webform or an email address if you have one, and publicly via social media or review websites and forums. While the thought of reviews, particularly the public ones might fill you with concern, they can be incredibly powerful – especially when they are positive. But on the off chance that you get a negative review, reply in a measured, courteous way and do your utmost to rectify the issue as soon as possible.