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Motorists’ Autumn Budget wish list revealed, with access to affordable electric cars coming out on top

25 October 2021


Access to affordable electric cars tops the Autumn Budget wish list for one in three (38%) motorists, according to new research by Close Brothers Motor Finance. 

The research, which looks at what drivers want to see announced in the upcoming Government Autumn Budget in terms of electric vehicles, found that accessibility and affordability is top priority to ensure the road towards electric car ownership is realistic.

Almost a third (35%) would like to see space in the Chancellor’s Budget for more electric car charging points to be installed across the country, while 31% would like to see Government funding or grants to help with the outlay for installing charging points at homes. A further 29% said they would like to see funding for all new build homes to have electric car charging points installed as standard.

Motorists’ Autumn Budget wish list

  1. More access to affordable electric cars - 38%
  2. More electric car charging points across the country    - 35%
  3. Government funding/grants to support with the cost for purchasing an electric car - 33%
  4. Government funding/grants to support with installing electric car charging points at my home - 31%
  5. For new build homes to have electric charging points installed as standard    - 29%
  6. I would not like to see anything - 24%
  7. More selection when it comes to vehicle choice - 17%

Seán Kemple, Managing Director of Close Brothers Motor Finance, commented: “The demand for electric cars is surging, fuelled by a combination of environmental concerns, the recent fuel crisis, and carmakers rolling out new electric models at a rapid pace. Throw into the mix the Government’s ban on sales of new petrol and diesel cars from 2030, it’s no surprise that motorists are turning away from traditional engine types. 

“While hybrids and AFVs are getting more popular, there are significant concerns that must be addressed to encourage more motorists to make the switch. We are still languishing in the tens of thousands of much needed electric car charging points – we need to get to 2 million to meet the ambitious 2030 goals. We’re less than a decade away before the ban, so time really is of the essence. What’s more, with the global semiconductor shortage continuing to squeeze supply chains and limit production of new AFVs, we need to see greater support from the Government to aide sector recovery during an especially challenging time.”

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