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Close Brothers Motor Finance gives the gift of time

19 November 2019


Close Brothers Motor Finance employees volunteered an impressive 824 hours of their time for charity initiatives in October, the company’s volunteer month. This beat the record of 818 hours last year, which in turn far surpassed the 2017 highs of 563 hours. 

Employees at the firm were challenged to think ‘what difference can you make’ in their local areas, and were tasked with finding volunteering opportunities to support their communities. They were collectively set a target of 700 hours of volunteering, which they surpassed, and Close Brothers Group pledged to donate an additional £8 per hour volunteered outside of office hours. 

Teams had the freedom to organise their own volunteering activities, spending their time with causes that mean the most to them. Consequently, employees took part in a variety of activities including litter picking, food bank support, beach clean-ups, DIY at hospices and animal sanctuaries, charity shop collections, and decorating community centres.  They worked with a wide range of causes and charities including Age UK, the RSPCA, Meals on Wheels, Children’s Air Ambulance, and Last Chance Animal Rescue to name just a few. 

In total, the teams collectively completed 33 days’ worth of volunteering throughout the Gift of Time initiative. Teams are continuing to volunteer with their local communities throughout the year. 

Rebecca McNeil, CEO of Close Brothers Motor Finance, commented: “Every year the team surpasses itself in the enthusiasm, effort, and energy that it puts into giving back to the local community. Gift of Time provides a valuable opportunity to support local causes, and for our employees to gain some perspective and take learnings about the hardships and issues that these organisations tackle on a daily basis.” 

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