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Practicality and colour dominates car decision making for female drivers

20 July 2017


Practicality dominates for women purchasing cars, according to the Britain Under the Bonnet report produced by Close Brothers Motor Finance. The new research out today found that men and women’s attitudes couldn’t differ more when choosing and purchasing a car.

For women, the main considerations include how economical the car is to run (43%), the ease of getting in and out (35%) and the safety options (30%). Male motorists on the other hand are driven by the look of the car (38%), as well as the engine size (56%) and the manufacturer (53%).

It’s not just practicality that drives decision making for women, aesthetics do matter. In this case the colour of the car, which is 14 times more important to women (28%) than to men (2%).

The report also found that lifestyle factors contributed to the thought process when buying a car, particularly for women. Having children was the factor that most influenced women’s car buying choices (21% vs 13% of men). Whereas for men, it was the reputation and status of the car that drove their decision (20% vs 14% of women).

It’s not just the car itself where men and women differ, it’s also where and who they turn to for advice when considering a car purchase. Women are more likely to turn to a loved one compared to male motorists, with nearly half (48% vs 21%) turning to their partner and a fifth (18% vs 10%) turning to their parents. Men are more likely than women to turn to the internet (45% vs 38%) or refer to specialist magazines (15% vs 7%). Over a quarter of both men and women would turn to a car dealer for advice (27% vs 28%).

James Broadhead, CEO of Close Brothers Motor Finance said: “Investing in a new car can be a daunting process for British motorists who can be overwhelmed with the wealth of information available. Alongside the financial investment comes the time it takes to research a decision, and without the right support this can seem overwhelming.

“Dealers have the knowledge to aid decision making processes, and understand that there isn’t a one size fits all approach to buying a car."

“As consumer needs change, the type of cars on dealers’ forecourts will need constant reassessment. Having partners that can give dealers market wide insight into consumer trends is crucial.”

The Britain Under the Bonnet report looks at consumers’ attitudes and car buying behaviours – along with views from dealerships across the country – to give a comprehensive view of the UK’s automotive sphere in 2017. Please visit Britain Under the Bonnet - Lifting the lid on the UK's motor industry in 2017

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