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Close Brothers Motor Finance extends UK-wide Schools Tree Planting Programme

1 November 2016


Close Brothers Motor Finance have announced the continuation of their UK-wide Schools Tree Planting Programme. The leading automotive finance company has committed to the sponsorship of 570 British broad-leaved trees to be planted in schools across 15 different locations around the UK.

The programme, in partnership with Carbon Footprint, will see volunteers from Close Brothers Motor Finance business planting trees at a mix of primary and secondary schools across 15 different locations in the UK. These range from schools located as far south as the Isle of Wight, to north of the border in Livingstone, Scotland, and across the pond in Lisburn, Northern Ireland.

This year’s programme will build on the success of last year’s initiative, which saw 370 trees planted in schools local to Doncaster and Wimbledon – where Close Brothers have some of their largest offices. The trees that are being planted are all native British species, such as Oak, Silver Birch and Hazel, all grown in England from a collected seed.

Planting native broad leaf trees is beneficial to the environment through offsetting the carbon footprint regularly created by business and commerce. Trees reduce carbon emissions, lessen ozone levels in urban areas, and curb the overall effects of climate change in the world. These native trees also promote biodiversity in the area by supporting an assortment of different wildlife species and providing them with excellent habitats to thrive.

Equally, the Schools Tree Planting Programme promotes education and cooperation among pupils in the schools. The project aims to encourage schools to go beyond just planting the trees, but to engage in the long-term conservation of the foliage – consequently increasing their understanding of their contribution and importance of trees to our environment.

James Broadhead, Chief Executive Officer at Close Brothers Motor Finance commented: “We are delighted to be sponsoring this fantastic initiative with the help of our dealers around the country, who have actively supported a number of our CSR events this year. Events will be taking place close to all 15 of our regional offices, demonstrating our commitment to the environment and giving back to the communities in which we work and our staff live.”

Dr Wendy Buckley, Client Director at Carbon Footprint Ltd added: “Close Brothers Motor Finance is taking responsible steps ahead of legislative requirements to reduce their business’s carbon footprint and to offset its effects by supporting a programme that encourages pupils to become ambassadors for the environment for the generations to come.”

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