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Motorcycle finance

Finance solutions for the bike of your dreams

For the past 13 years we have provided the finance solutions to get our customers out on the open road.

Finance products for bikers, designed by bikers

Are you a biker who always needs to have the latest model? Or do you have more long term plans for that one special bike? Whatever your reasons for wanting to purchase a bike, we are able to help. Our range of products include Hire Purchase, Conditional Sale and Personal Contract Purchase (PCP), providing you with options to suit both your budget and your lifestyle.  For further information on finance products watch our video.

Helping you manage your monthly budget

Whether your passion lies with sports bikes or custom bikes are more your thing, we can help you find a finance solution. With fixed monthly payments, and a low initial outlay, it means you can spread the cost of your bike and manage your budget over the course of the agreement.

Quick and easy application

We understand that when you’ve found the bike of your dreams, you don’t want to wait for it any longer than you have to. Our finance decisions are made in minutes while you wait, meaning your dealer becomes a one stop shop to get you out on your new bike as soon as possible.

Financing accessories

As well as helping you finance your latest motorbike, we can offer finance facilities for accessories too. So whether its helmets or gloves, or a full set of leathers, we can help you get kitted out.

Actively supporting the motorcycle industry

For us, it’s not just about financing your next bike; we are actively involved in different motorcycle initiatives to make sure we’re at the heart of the motorcycle community. As members of the MCIA, we regularly gain know how and more in-depth understanding about what’s happening in the bike world. 

We undertake a variety of charity work each year and in particular we're committed to supporting our favourite bike charity, Riders for Health, having raised over £25,000 for the charity over recent years.

 Understanding a unique market

At Close we employ two motorcycle product managers to support our understanding of this unique market. Our underwriters always look for solutions rather than being driven by credit scores which means a healthy acceptance rate.