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RTI GAP insurance

Return to Invoice Guaranteed Asset Protection

If your vehicle was written off, in the event of a successful claim your insurer would normally pay up to the market value. As vehicles tend to lose value over time the pay out amount could be less than the purchase price you paid for the vehicle. If the vehicle was a total loss you could potentially be left with an outstanding finance balance which you would need to settle in full, as the vehicle on which the finance is secured against would no longer exist.

To help protect against this there is a product called RTI GAP which has been designed to cover the difference between the amount your insurer pays out and the purchase price you paid for the vehicle.

  • The product has been designed to repay the outstanding finance balance first and should there be any remaining funds up to the invoice price, these will then be paid directly to you.
  • The policy will also pay up to £250 towards your own motor insurance excess.
  • Cover for up to 36 months

For more information about our RTI GAP insurance cover download the Key Facts policy document and our Terms of business below or visit our frequently asked questions page.

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Key facts

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Terms of business

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