Introducing eclick to the industry 


Digital salespower

Providing you with state of the art technology at no extra cost

Eclick is a paperless electronic process that allows you to present the finance agreement to your customer and sign the agreement online. Designed to empower sales, this market leading technology will revolutionise the finance process.

Giving you and your customer peace of mind

Eclick is a simple five step robust process that can be completed quickly and conforms with the requirements of the CCA1974 and relevant EU legislation on e-signature. The system confirms and validates that the POS finance process is fully compliant, with checks every step of the way to ensure that you and your customer have full peace of mind when making their purchase.

Making finance deals easier for you and your customer

The technology used within eclick means that it further simplifies POS finance too. Turnaround times are reduced, electronic ID checks are completed automatically, fraud prevention is improved and it is legally enforceable. Dealer feedback from those piloted has been very positive, with 82% of dealers saying it was ‘far better or exceeded’ what was already available within the industry.

eclick key features and benefits

1 A simple, easy to follow process for you and your customer. 4 Improved security and fraud prevention.
2 Reduced turnaround times, with customer identification taking on average 6.3 seconds. 5 State of the art technology with no additional hardware or software requirements.
3 Automated payments so funds can clear into your account the same day. 6 An electronic audit trail that demonstrates your customer was taken through a fully compliant process.