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Advertising finance

Helping you get it right

Advertising finance is often a daunting task as it must meet specific regulatory requirements. This is why we want to share our knowledge to help you feel confident that you’re meeting regulations with your consumer adverts.

Refer to our dealer guide for advertising finance below for further details.

Know the basics

To ensure you are compliant, ALL finance adverts MUST:

  • Be clear, fair and not misleading
  • Be in plain and intelligible language
  • Be easily legible or clearly audible
  • Include the name of the person (or business) making the financial promotion
  • Where the advert is released by a credit broker it must identify the lender.

If your advert or promotion includes the Close Brothers Motor Finance logo or name then it needs to be approved by the marketing department at Close before it can be used.

Click here for further information about the advertising sign-off process and what you need to do.

What do I need to include?

The information you must include on any finance advert or promotion depends on a variety of factors.

Download our advertising guide below to help you understand what needs to be included within your advertising when using finance figures, finance terms or when using the Close Brothers Motor Finance logo or name.

You can also download our helpful advert sample which details what must be included when promoting finance examples.


Dealer guide to advertising finance


Using the Close logo